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Michael Branson

Dr. Fong completely changed my life by reconstructing my smile. I didn't realize how bad my teeth were until I saw how good he could make them look. If I would have known that this kind of transformation was possible, I would have gotten it done a lot sooner.

My face and my smile look so much more symmetrical and proportionate. People have told me that I look a lot happier and I have noticed that my smile has caused others to smile as well.

My new smile has also encouraged other people to want to improve their smile. My bite has improved tremendously. My lips are fuller and a lot more comfortable with Lumineers. Dr. Fong really went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied and well taken care of.

At first I didn't know how Dr. Fong was going to accomplish what I desired, but after we were finished, my teeth looked even better than I imagined. Dr. Fong completely re-engineered the way my face looks and has helped me to love the way my smile looks.

Thanks Dr. Fong!

Patricia S., Los Gatos

Before my first appointment with you, my grandsons reassured me by saying, “Dr. Fong is our dentist.  Don’t worry Grandma, he won’t hurt you.”  Now I would like to tell others so they can also appreciate your calm, considerate nature, which is also reflected in your staff.  I also share my son and daughter-in-law’s confidence in your work… appreciating the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in your office reduces my stress and worry over going to the dentist. I can relax and feel more positive about taking care of my teeth rather than dreading every appointment.  It is nice to leave a dental appointment feeling good about my visit. 

Michelle H., San Jose Dr. Fong, I am so pleased with my dental work!  It’s so nice to smile and not worry about the chips and dark spots on my teeth. You and your staff are always so pleasant and make me feel comfortable coming into your office.  I love my new smile and the confidence that comes with it.  Thank you! 

William J. Marks, M/Sgt. USAF, Retired A special accolade to Dr. Andrew Fong, whom I have the uppermost respect, not only as a dentist, but as a person.  I have never been received and treated as nice as I have by this gentleman.  He is very much “attention to detail” and thorough.  It is not a traumatic experience to be there for dental work.  I highly recommend Dr. (Major) Andrew Fong’s office to everyone.

Barbara N.

Just a note to thank you for the superior dental care and attention you and your staff have always provided for me and my family.

Dr. Andrew Fong, I’m so glad I found you as our family dentist, as sometimes it is difficult to find just the right one.

Now that I am retired and moved to Los Angeles, I will continue to set up my dental appointments with my favorite dentist in San Jose, California. You have always taken good care of me.

Henry F., San Jose Now that I have my teeth implanted, it is really more joyful to eat.  The dental implants are so much like my own teeth.  It’s well worth the time and money to have it done. 

Curtis & Betty M., San Jose Dr. Fong, our whole family has been going to you for at least eight years now…we appreciate the extra care and attention you provide in your dentistry practice.  Beyond your overall knowledge and skill,…your conservative but watchful approach is very reassuring.  Dealing with situations before they become problems while at the same time avoiding any unnecessary procedures makes us feel very confident in your advise.  The technique you use when numbing is necessary makes the shots practically pain free…Your continuing efforts to stay up to date with the latest procedures and technologies let us know that we’re getting the best treatment available.  Thank you so much for making our dental visits so comfortable.

Nilou R. A great combination of top of the line technology with the laid back,kind and professional approach to dentistry. I had my first visit to Dr Fong office yesterday and strangely, I can not wait for my next appointment! Thank you Mallory for your warm greeting,Trang for your sweet personality and soothing touch and Dr Fong for creating such a warm and safe atmosphere. YOU ARE THE BEST!

I was very pleased with Dr Fong and how he addressed my concerns with ideas of correction, on my very first visit. His office staff is great! Being greeted by Mallory and her well organized office was very refreshing, helpful and appreciated. Dr Fong's office is very easy to get to, along with ample parking. I look forward to my next visit!

After years of being self-conscious about my smile, I had actually forgotten how to smile. But with the hlep of Dr. Fong and his staff I can now smile with confidence. I have never been treated so courteous and professinally before. I cannot say enough about all of them, except I consider each and every one part of my new family. Dr. Fong's dedication to his profession and expertise exceed any I have known in my 52 years. I cannot say enough about each and everyone here, except you need to give them a chance to care for you and your family

J. Melanson You guys are the best, I always look forward to going to the dentist!!

Elsa Ferris

I thought the saying "Nothing succeeds like persistence and skill" was appropriate for my last visit and to thank you for your last special and generous treatment on my stubborn teeth.

Thank you for always going beyond service, caring for my comfort and good dental care.

With much appreciation.

Carrie Hazel

We had an excellent experience with Dr. Fong and his entire staff! Dr. Fong was wonderful with my daughter and he put her at ease during her first ever dental visit. He made the visit fun and he let her participate in the process. This was exactly the experience I was looking for when searching for a dentist for my family. Highly recommended!

Morgan L.

The entire experience was great. He first took pictures of all of my teeth and explained what he was going to do and answered all of my questions. Dr. Fong has great "chair-side manner." The cleaning was flawless. He never caught my gum or used too much pressure. After the cleaning, he recommended that I fill two small cavities. He again took pictures so I could actually see the holes in my teeth. He also explained how it was not totally necessary and let me choose whether to do it or not. No pressure, just the right information so that I could make a decision for myself.

I will recommend Dr. Fong to anybody looking for a dentist.


"It was my 12 month old daughter's first dental visit. Dr. Fong was great! He took the time to make engage her and make her feel comfortable. Upon examination, he deftly assessed her while attempting to maker her laugh and smile at the same time. When the assessment was done, he found out about my daughter's "frenulum"- upper lip is attached to her upper gumline that might affect her speech. Wow! My baby's first dental appointment went well, no tears at all :) It just gives me confidence knowing that he is a highly qualified professional, yet he is caring and great with kids too! As my older 6 year old daughter would say, "Mom, I love Dr. Fong!".


I work in the dental field and I came to Dr. Fong to have some dental work done. Awesome doctor, awesome staff : Mallory and Hong! Hands down the best service in the area. I've worked in dental for several years and I can't say enough about his superior service. He takes the time to listen to his patients and walks you through the treatment process. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fong for your dental needs! He is a high grade doctor in my book.

Tram L.  

I had a slightly off-center midline before I had it fixed at Dr. Fong's. Now my teeth look perfect (but not "kitchen appliance" perfect, as Dr. Fong likes to put it) and I can't stop smiling :) I've enjoyed every visit here. This is my new permanent dentist in the Bay Area!

L. Murano

A number five rating isn't high enough for Dr. Fong and his staff. Dr. Fong is an extremely skilled and meticulous dentist. His staff is friendly, professional and caring. They have restored my once very unhealthy mouth and teeth to a cavity free healthy one.

How are you doing? In a word, great. When my Dentist of over forty years retired his practice, we moved over to your office. While I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Pedrazzi, I now realize he was operating in the past. I was greatly surprised to see the modern technology and great care given to us by Dr. Fong. We have found Dr. Fong and his staff to be of the epitome of courtesy and professionalism and highly recommend him to our friends and relatives.

Thank you for all the hard work, care, and extra attention. I appreciate being treated with so much care, and that my anxiety has never been an issue for the staff. I have always been accommodated, and have always had a wonderful experience in the office.

D. Worth

Dr. Fong expertly manages the dental care of our family of 6 combining practical sense with leading edge technology to provide complete health at a competitive price. The most impressive challenge he overcame was our wiggly, hyper-sensitive son who was then 4 years old. Dr. Fong patiently taught him to open his mouth wide enough to allow a dentist to work in his mouth. Gradually he has gained our son's confidence, enough to allow shots and tooth extractions!


Dr. Andrew B. Fong is an excellent dentist! He is caring, thoughtful and sensitive to his patient's needs and feelings. I have had a lot of dental work done by him, for many years, and he has never hurt me, not even when giving injections. Because of his great skill as a dentist and his caring ways, I do not dread dental appointments and take better care of my teeth and gums. I highly recommend Dr. Fong.

David C.

After a few visits with Dr. Fong, my whole outlook on dentistry and dentists was radically improved.

For 30 years, I feared dental work. I feared Novocain shots, I feared the drilling, I feared the cleaning, I even feared the x-rays... and I now understand it was all because I had a horrible dentist. Everything he did was painful.

Dr. Fong, on the other hand, is very mindful of pain.. how to avoid it when possible, and how to manage the unavoidable. He has special techniques of tricking your mind when administering shots. He believes in early detection and treatment. And he has the latest technologies which minimize the need for Novocain in the first place. In fact, my most recent filling required NO Novocain whatsoever, and it was painless!

Dr. Fong is knowledgeable, gentle, and friendly.

I can honestly say I am relaxed when I'm in Dr. Fong's dentist chair.

C. Thai Dr. Fong and his staff members are the best! I like how he explains everything thoroughly and making sure you understand.


Great service as soon as you walk in. Friendly staff and knowledgeable. Clear and well kept office, with updated equipment.


Every visit to Dr. Fong's office is a great experience. Whether I am there for a cleaning or a procedure the staff is always friendly and I am confident that Dr. Fong has my best interest in mind. My 12 year old sees Dr. Fong as well and has had nothing but good experiences too. Dr. Fong is the most competent and skillful dentist I have ever had and I highly recommend him.

Cindy Loque Thank you for my Lumineers. They have changed my smile. My teeth were chipped, crooked and discolored. The Lumineers changed all of that. Now I have a bright new smile!

SL Great staff, everyone is nice here. Scheduling with Houng is really easy. I would recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a great dentist.


I just started going to Dr. Fong this year and have been extremely pleased. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and gentle. He and his staff stay up-to-date with dental equipment, procedures, treatments, etc. My husband will be going to him soon and then our daughter when she's ready for her first dental visit. I highly recommend him.

T. Armstrong

Doctor Fong is meticulous in his work. He is never satisfied until you are 100% happy with what he has done.


I went there for some simple work and Dr. Andrew Fong did exactly what I needed. The dental service was so good that I made and appointment to go back and have the rest of my teeth taken care of. He gives good advice and lets you make the choice instead of making decisions for you. I thank you for such great service.


Every dental appointment visit is a pleasant experience at Dr. Fong's office and it always makes me look forward to the next appointment. Nice people and excellent service!

I highly recommend Doctor Fong to anybody looking for a great dentist. I have always feared going to dentists but every time I go to see him and his staff, I know I'm going to be well taken care of and I feel much more comfortable. When numbing is necessary, he even makes the injection painless.



Dr Fong, We are embarrassed for taking so long to thank you for dropping all you were doing to help us. You definitely helped to make our vacation a wonderful relaxing time without worrying about missing teeth and difficulty eating.
It is so rare in our times now to come across people who really care to take time to make someone else comfortable.
We were so pleased to meet you and thank you again for all you did for us and the time you took to help us.
In addition to your caring and kindness, your engineering skills have proven excellent. The repair has proven to be a great feat of design.
Thank you so much!

Bob & Guiennie Balcomb

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