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San Jose, CA Lumineers

LUMINEERS™ are available in our office. Smiling should be a happy, enjoyable experience, not stressful or embarrassing. With LUMINEERS, you no longer have to hide your smile…and you don’t have to endure lengthy, uncomfortable procedures to get the smile you enjoy sharing with the world.

At the Cosmetic Dental Office of Andrew Fong, DDS we can help create the smile you've always wanted by placing contact-lens-thin LUMINEERS™ on top of your own teeth without removing natural tooth structure.

Lumineers™ provide a comfortable and great-looking solution for correcting chips, stains and other imperfections for confidence-building results in as little as two visits.

Our patients tell us that this is the most Pleasant, Permanent, & Painless Way to Reshape & Whiten their Smile!

Ask Dr. Andrew Fong how he can help you attain an attractive smile WITHOUT shots, loss of healthy tooth structure or pain.

Find out if LUMINEERS™ is an option for you so that you can get the beautiful smile you've always wanted.

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What are LUMINEERS™?

The biggest advancement in the history of dentistry is now here! The Lumineers™ Dr. Andrew Fong offers are the same as those seen on many of the popular “Extreme Makeover” shows. LUMINEERS™ BY CERINATE® can transform a “ho-hum” smile into a life-changing smile to be remembered. Andrew B. Fong, DDS can transform his patients' smiles without grinding away healthy tooth structure. This means no pain, no shots, no temporaries and no sensitivity before, during or after placement.

Revolutionary LUMINEERS™ porcelain veneers are thin, custom fabricated shells that can permanently whiten, close spaces, reshape and visually straighten a patient’s natural teeth instantly. They can also be placed over existing crowns and bridgework to revitalize their appearance. LUMINEERS™ are clinically proven to be strong and durable.

Your smile is the easiest way to improve your appearance. In many cases, LUMINEERS™ are a convenient substitute for braces and other orthodontics, depending on bite severity. The procedure may also be used on worn teeth to strengthen them and prevent further wear. Dr. Fong can now apply these contact-lens-thin veneers onto misshapen, worn teeth to transform them into a naturally beautiful smile.

Den-Mat, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of professional dental materials, introduced these revolutionary permanent, pleasant and painless porcelain veneers globally. LUMINEERS™ are only made from patented CERINATE® porcelain, available only at CERINATE® Smile Design Studios. All LUMINEERS™ come with a 5-year warranty.

In just two or three visits to Dr. Fong, a custom-made LUMINEERS™ smile will give you the best of both worlds, ultra-thin, yet super strong, for a radiant smile that shows your confidence.

To take advantage of this life-changing opportunity, call Dr. Andrew Fong at 408 377-5833 for a free consultation on LUMINEERS™.


San Jose, CA Lumineers


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